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XML reader plugin for ROOT
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Full-featured web-based LDAPv3 client
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Python XML Schema Bindings (Python3 version)
PyXB is a pure Python package that generates Python code for classes that correspond to data structures defined by XMLSchema. In concept it is similar to JAXB for Java and CodeSynthesis XSD for C++. . The major goals of PyXB are: * Provide a generated Python interface that is “Pythonic”, meaning similar to one that would have been hand-written: + Attributes and elements are Python properties, with name conflicts resolved in favor of elements + Elements with maxOccurs larger than 1 are stored as Python lists + Bindings for type extensions inherit from the binding for the base type + Enumeration constraints are exposed as class (constant) variables * Support bi-directional conversion (document to Python and back) * Allow easy customization of the generated bindings to provide functionality along with content * Support all XMLSchema features that are in common use, including: + complex content models (nested all/choice/sequence) + cross-namespace dependencies + include and import directives + constraints on simple types * Validate the documents against their schema . This package contains the Python 3 version of the library.
another way of exporting symbols
Exporter::Tidy serves as an easy, clean alternative to Exporter. Unlike Exporter, it is not subclassed, but it simply exports a custom import() into your namespace. . With Exporter::Tidy, you don't need to use any package global in your module. Even the subs you export can be lexically scoped.
APC User Cache for PHP 5
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Merge multiple data sources into a hash
ShadowHash merges together multiple sets of data in the form of hashes into a data structure that looks to Perl like a single simple hash. When that hash is accessed, the data structures managed by that shadow hash are searched in order they were added for that key. This allows the rest of a program simple and convenient access to a disparate set of data sources.