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reorders lines in a file in semirandom ways
This program reorders the lines in its input with no regard to the actual contents. Two permutation algorithms are available: randomization based on a good PRNG (the Mersenne Twister algorithm) and "shuffling", which permutes the lines in such a way that they're spread more or less evenly in the output. This mode is primarily intended for music playlists.
Uzbek dictionary for Hunspell
This package contains all the required files to add support for Uzbek language to the Hunspell spell checker
Dictionary of computer related acronyms -- dict format
The free version of V.E.R.A. - Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms - is a comprehensive dictionary of computer related acronyms with more than 11800 entries. This package contains the dictionary formatted for use by the dictionary server in the dictd package. . Note that this version is usually older than the one that is run on the V.E.R.A. homepage.
RTF to other formats converter
UnRTF is a moderately complicated converter from RTF to other formats, including HTML, LaTeX, and text. Converting to HTML, it supports tables, fonts, colors, embedded images, hyperlinks, paragraph alignment among other things. All other conversions are "alpha"--just begun.
Generic queue for PostgreSQL
Sorry - no description available.
French and Italian conjugator
Verbiste is a program that gives the complete conjugation for French and Italian verbs. The knowledge base contains over 6800 verbs. . This package contains the command line programs and the data.