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Electric schematic editor
QElectroTech is a Qt5 application written in C++ . This program is helps you to design electric schematics. It includes both a schematic editor and a symbol editor. It uses XML files to store the produced contents.
set of wallpapers for the KDE Plasma Workspaces
This package contains additional wallpapers for KDE Plasma Workspaces. It is a part of the official KDE Wallpapers module.
QtScript bindings for the Ruby language
This package provides the Ruby bindings for the QtScript Qt 4 library. . This is part of the Qt Ruby module.
Japanese TrueType font set, Takao Gothic Fonts
Takao Fonts are Japanese gothic and mincho scalable fonts. They are suitable for both display and printing. This package provides them in TrueType format. . Takao Fonts are based on IPA Fonts and IPAex Fonts. Takao's purpose is to make it possible to maintain and release the fonts by the community with changing their names. . This package includes Takao Gothic, Takao P Gothic and Takao Ex Gothic.
event-based streaming XML parser - JavaScript library
A sax-style parser for XML and HTML. . It's a very simple tool to parse through an XML string, or to create a streaming HTML parser.
Transitional package.
Sorry - no description available.