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plugin for WWW::Mechanize for automatic pagination
WWW::Mechanize::AutoPager is a plugin for WWW::Mechanize to do automatic pagination using AutoPagerize user script.
module to generate HTML and Javascript for the Prototype library
HTML::Prototype contains some code generators for Prototype, the famous JavaScript OO library and the script.aculous extensions. . The Prototype library ( is designed to make AJAX easy. Catalyst::Plugin::Prototype makes it easy to connect to the Prototype library. . This is mostly a port of the Ruby on Rails helper tags for JavaScript for use in Catalyst.
NUMA runtime observation tool
NumaTOP is an observation tool for runtime memory locality characterization and analysis of processes and threads running on a NUMA system. It helps the user characterize the NUMA behavior of processes and threads and identify where the NUMA-related performance bottlenecks reside.
OpenToken lexical analysis library for Ada: debug symbols
Sorry - no description available.
Terminal emulator widget for GTK+ 3.0 - common files
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Constructive abstract algebra
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