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Next Generation Sequencing language Bindings (Java bindings)
NGS is a new, domain-specific API for accessing reads, alignments and pileups produced from Next Generation Sequencing. The API itself is independent from any particular back-end implementation, and supports use of multiple back-ends simultaneously. It also provides a library for building new back-end "engines". The engine for accessing SRA data is contained within the sister repository ncbi-vdb. . The API is currently expressed in C++, Java and Python languages. The design makes it possible to maintain a high degree of similarity between the code in one language and code in another - especially between C++ and Java. . Java bindings.
Linux kernel specific documentation for version 4.12
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python low level render interface
This package contains the python low level render interface, used in the ReportLab library.
Reference database and bibliography tool - www server
RefDB is a reference database and bibliography tool for SGML, XML, and LaTeX/BibTeX documents. It allows users to share databases over a network. It is accessible through command-line tools, through a web interface, from text editors (Emacs, Vim), and it contains a SRU server. Programmers can use Perl and PHP libraries to integrate RefDB functionality into their own projects. RefDB is released under the GNU General Public License and runs on Linux, the *BSDs, OS X, Solaris, and Windows/Cygwin. . RefDB appears to be the only available tool to create HTML, PostScript, PDF, DVI, MIF, or RTF output from DocBook (SGML, XML V.4.x and V.5.x) or TEI (XML P4 and P5) sources with fully formatted citations and bibliographies according to publisher's specifications. . Provides the web based server for refdb
AUnit, a unit testing framework for Ada: debug symbols
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OpenStack RCA as a Service - Persistor Service
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