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propro module for PHP
A reusable split-off of pecl_http's property proxy API.
implementations of an arbitrary-precision integer arithmetic library
The PHP Secure Communications Library are fully PKCS#1 (v2.1) compliant RSA, DES, 3DES, RC4, Rijndael, AES, Blowfish, Twofish, SSH-1, SSH-2, SFTP, and X.509 implementations.
PHP 5.x polyfill for random_bytes() and random_int() from PHP 7
The random_compat polyfill provides simple interfaces for cryptographically secure random number generators added in PHP 7.0.0: * random_bytes(int) generates an arbitrary number of random bytes * random_int(int, int) returns a random integer between two given values (inclusive)
Common interface for caching libraries
This contains all interfaces defined by PSR-6. . Note that this is not a Cache implementation of its own. It is merely an interface that describes a Cache implementation. See the specification for more details. . <>
library to ease the work with HTTP protocol
sabre/http provides a toolkit to ease the work with HTTP protocol. . This library is a wrapper around the following PHP constructs: . For Input: * $_GET * $_POST * $_SERVER * php://input or $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA. For output: * php://output or echo. * header() . It provides a Request object, and a Response object. The objects are extensible and easily mockable.
radius client library for PHP
This package is based on the libradius of FreeBSD, with some modifications and extensions. This PECL provides full support for RADIUS authentication (RFC 2865) and RADIUS accounting (RFC 2866), works on Unix and on Windows. Its an easy way to authenticate your users against the user-database of your OS (for example against Windows Active-Directory via IAS).