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Advanced scheduler for OCaml (Runtime library)
Duppy is an event scheduler written for OCaml. It allows the user to execute tasks according to some events on unix sockets, or a given delay. . Several threaded queues can proceed tasks in parallel. Tasks are processed according to an abstract notion of priority. . This package contains only the shared runtime stub libraries.
transitional package for plasma-active
Sorry - no description available.
PHP5 bindings for graphviz
Sorry - no description available.
Lightweight cryptographic signing and verifying tool
Similar to GNU Privacy Guard (GPG), signify is the tool which OpenBSD uses to cryptographically sign its releases, so that you can be sure that you are actually getting a release made by OpenBSD, as opposed to a malicious forgery designed to look the same. . Signify's usage is not limited to OpenBSD's releases, however - it can be used to sign anything. . So that it will work on Linux, the version of signify provided in this package is not exactly the same as the version provided in OpenBSD's CVS tree. . Please note that OpenBSD's public keys are not included with this package; you will have to find your own version in order to verify their releases.
Goldman Sachs Collections
GS Collections is a collections framework for Java. It has JDK-compatible List, Set and Map implementations with a rich API and set of utility classes that work with any JDK compatible Collections, Arrays, Maps or Strings. The iteration protocol was inspired by the Smalltalk collection framework.
Python Bindings for The Sleuth Kit
This package contains Python 2 bindings to libtsk3, the shared library that provides all the functionality of The Sleuth Kit.