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Journey is a router for Ruby on Rails
Journey is a router designed for Rails framework. It routes requests.
Documentation for jenkins-executable-war-java
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Modular compiler and toolchain technologies, libraries and headers
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debug symbols for kplotting
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module for very simple, very easy GUI programming in Python3
This package provides the Python3 modules EasyGUI. Experienced Pythonistas need support for quick and dirty GUI features. New Python programmers need GUI capabilities that don't require any knowledge of Tkinter, frames, widgets, callbacks or lambda. This is what EasyGUI provides. Using EasyGUI, all GUI interactions are invoked by simple function calls.
SQL AST manager for Ruby
Arel is a SQL AST manager for Ruby. It simplifies the generation of complex SQL queries and adapts to various RDBMS systems. . It is intended to be a framework; that is, you can build your own ORM with it, focusing on innovative object and collection modeling as opposed to database compatibility and query generation.