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transitional dummy package for Qt 5 Multimedia QML module
Sorry - no description available.
support library providing __atomic built-in functions (64bit)
library providing __atomic built-in functions. When an atomic call cannot be turned into lock-free instructions, GCC will make calls into this library.
checks password which is stored in ~/Maildir/.password
checkpw is an implementation of the checkpassword interface that checks a password against a ``.password'' file in the user's Maildir. The password file has read and write permissions to the user only. . The code is in the public domain. . The original checkpassword program and interface specification is written by D. J. Bernstein:
debug symbols for kde4support
Sorry - no description available.
GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (64bit)
This package contains an additional runtime library for C++ programs built with the GNU compiler. . libstdc++-v3 is a complete rewrite from the previous libstdc++-v2, which was included up to g++-2.95. The first version of libstdc++-v3 appeared in g++-3.0. . This package contains files for mipsel architecture, for use in cross-compile environment.
WebSocket library (Python 2)
Python library providing an implementation of the WebSocket protocol defined in RFC 6456. . This is the Python 2 version of the package.