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IRC (Internet Relay Chat) interface module for Perl
This package contains an interface to write programs that connect to the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) protocol. Please note that this module is deprecated and no longer receives any maintenance whatsoever; for new projects, it is recommended that Bot::BasicBot or POE::Component::IRC be used instead.
pipe/coprocess backend for PowerDNS
PowerDNS is a versatile nameserver which supports a large number of different backends ranging from simple zonefiles to relational databases and load balancing/failover algorithms. PowerDNS tries to emphasize speed and security. . This package contains the pipe backend for the PowerDNS nameserver. This allows PowerDNS to retrieve domain info from a process that accepts questions on stdin and returns answers on stdout.
console based player for radio streams
Sorry - no description available.
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) server - PulseAudio module installer
Sorry - no description available.
simplified clone of smartmatch operator
match::simple provides a simple match operator "|M|" that acts like a sane subset of the (as of Perl 5.18) deprecated smart match operator. Unlike smart match, the behaviour of the match is determined entirely by the operand on the right hand side.
Debian Design desktop for visual designers - strict
This is a shared package for Debian Design desktop blends. . Debian Design is a subset of Debian for use by visual designers. . This package apply restrictions for the Debian Design desktop profiles to avoid optional stuff.