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Author tests for POD spelling
The Dist::Zilla plugin Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::PodSpelling adds author tests to spell-check all POD in a distribution. . It's the successor of Dist::Zilla::Plugin::PodSpellingTests.
pure-C HTML5 parser Python bindings
Gumbo is an implementation of the [HTML5 parsing algorithm implemented as a pure C99 library with no outside dependencies. It's designed to serve as a building block for other tools and libraries such as linters, validators, templating languages, and refactoring and analysis tools. . This package contains Python bindings of Gumbo.
Linux Containers provider for Vagrant
This package adds support using Vagrant with Linux Containers. The entire Vagrant workflow is exactly the same, except with vagrant-lxc it will use lxc containers instead of VirtualBox VMs.
Python3 library for testable documents and documented tests
Manuel is a Python library for writing tested documentation which makes it possible to mix traditional doctests with custom test syntax. Several plug-ins providing different test features are included, but Manuel is also open to create custom plugins. Currently, unittests and zope.testing are the supported test runners. . This package contains the modules for Python3.
IP geolocation lookup command-line tool
The libmaxminddb library provides a C library for reading MaxMind DB files, including the GeoIP2 databases from MaxMind. This is a custom binary format designed to facilitate fast lookups of IP addresses while allowing for great flexibility in the type of data associated with an address. . The MaxMind DB format is an open format. The spec is available at This spec is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. . This package contains the command line utilities to resolve IPs using the libmaxminddb library.
Educational tool for relational algebra (standalone module)
Relational is primarily a tool to provide a workspace for experimenting with relational algebra, an offshoot of first-order logic. . This package provides a standalone Python module that can be used for executing relational queries.