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audio AC3 encoder - development files
Sorry - no description available.
Java library that provide JNI code generation
HawtJNI is a code generator that produces the JNI code needed to implement java native methods. It is based on the jnigen code generator that is part of the SWT Tools project which is used to generate all the JNI code which powers the eclipse platform.
Formulation of Linear Optimization Problems in C++
Sorry - no description available.
AgentX package to extend SNMP with pure Python
Sorry - no description available.
partition editor for Acorn/RISC OS machines
Acorn-fdisk allows you to edit disk partitions on Acorn machines. It understands a variety of the partition tables formats used under RISC OS, including Filecore, ICS-IDE, EESOX and Powertec.
Chart library for Java
JFreeChart is a free Java class library for generating charts, including: * pie charts (2D and 3D) * bar charts (regular and stacked, with an optional 3D effect) * line and area charts * scatter plots and bubble charts * time series, high/low/open/close charts and candle stick charts * combination charts * Pareto charts * Gantt charts * wind plots, meter charts and symbol charts * wafer map charts