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Baedal-Minjok Hanna Korean font
Baedal-Minjok Hanna font is a decorative Korean font family which looks old styled and crude. The design is intended to make it like store sign of 1960-70s South Korean streets. . This font is initially designed for Baedal-Minjok mobile phone app and released under the SIL Open Font License.
bridge between WAI and the haskell websockets library; profiling libraries
The Web Application Interface provides a common protocol for communication between web applications and web servers. This package provides a bridge between WAI and the haskell websockets library. . This package provides a library for the Haskell programming language, compiled for profiling. See for more information on Haskell.
dependency resolution and repository handling library for Clojure
pomegranate provides a Clojure interface to sonatype-aether. It supports the following features from Aether: . *Dependency resolution and common dependency graph/hierarchy manipulation operations. *Local installation of artifacts. *Remote deployment. *Repository authentication. *HTTP proxy configuration. *Offline mode. . It also allows provides dynamic inclusion of libraries in the classpath whether the libraries are installed or have to be retrieved from a repository.
fast JavaScript polyfill for img srcset
img.srcset is a lightweight, no nonsense, all browser supporting, fast polyfill for img srcset, allowing for lighter yet backwards-compatible responsive web design. . The srcset attribute is an HTML extension for adaptive (a.k.a. responsive) images. More info at <>. . A polyfill is (in the context of HTML5) Javascript code implementation of a functionality often available in modern web browsers, allowing web designers to use simpler standards-compliant and declarative code, burdening only older/simpler browsers with these fallback snippets.
tool to allow caching of JPEG 2000 files using JPIP protocol
This is client side application for caching remote JPEG 2000 using the JPIP protocol. This command line application needs to run on the client side to allow application such as opj_viewer or opj_viewer_xerces to view images.
yet another parser for binary structures
Data::ParseBinary is a Perl Port for PyConstructs <>. . Data::ParseBinary enables writing declarations for simple and complex binary structures, parsing binary to hash/array data structure, and building binary data from hash/array data structure.