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GtkMenuShell D-Bus Autopilot tests
Sorry - no description available.
Perl module for providing SMTP client supporting TLS and AUTH
Net::SMTP::TLS::ButMaintained is a TLS and AUTH capable SMTP client which offers an interface that users will find familiar from Net::SMTP. Net::SMTP::TLS::ButMaintained implements a subset of the methods provided by that module, but certainly not (yet) a complete mirror image of that API.
KDE Plasma Active workspace for mobile devices
Sorry - no description available.
Perl module combining App::Cmd and MooseX::Getopt
MooseX::App::Cmd allows one to write moose commands as moose classes, with MooseX::Getopt defining the options.
Perl module that provides automatic SIGNATURE testing
"Module::Signature" allows you to verify that a distribution has not been tampered with. "Test::Signature" lets that be tested as part of the distribution's test suite. . IMPORTANT: This is not a substitute for the users verifying the distribution themselves. By the time this module is run, the users will have already run your Makefile.PL or Build.PL scripts which could have been compromised.
GUI for torque clients
The TORQUE server dispatches jobs across physically separated machines. It may also be beneficial for single machines to organise the sequential execution of multiple jobs. . These clients feature the same functionality as their regular counterparts and also allow for a graphical interaction.