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Ruby library that allows one to query the platform running Ruby
Buff::RubyEngine provides a very simple but convenient mixin to perform basic queries to the platform running Ruby. . It supports MRI, JRuby and Rubinius.
Debian Multimedia tasks for tasksel
This package provides Debian Multimedia tasks in tasksel.
Ruby library that provide objects with magic attribute features
varia_models builds on Hashie library features to provide a simple mixin to allow Ruby objects to have "magic attribute" reading and writing features.
Ruby library that provides extra features to core Ruby classes
This library add extensions and additional features and methods to several core Ruby classes and modules: * Hash. * Object. * Kernel. * Boolean (TrueClass and FalseClass). * String.
graphical utility for analyzing electrophysiological data
Spyke Viewer is a multi-platform GUI application for navigating, analyzing and visualizing electrophysiological datasets. Based on the Neo framework, it works with a wide variety of data formats. Spyke Viewer includes an integrated Python console and a plugin system for custom analyses and plots.
Angular-Gettext (XStatic packaging standard) - Python 3.x
XStatic is a Python web development tool for handling required static data files from external projects, such as CSS, images, and JavaScript. It provides a lightweight infrastructure to manage them via Python modules that your app can depend on in a portable, virtualenv-friendly way instead of using embedded copies. . This package contains the Python 3.x module support for Angular-Gettext.