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Erlang/OTP public key infrastructure
Provides functions to handle public key infrastructure from RFC 3280 (X.509 certificates) and some parts of the PKCS-standard.
command-line interface description language (Python3)
docopt helps you define an interface for your command-line app and automatically generate a parser for it. Its interface descriptions are based on a formalization of the standard conventions used in help messages and man pages. . This is the Python 3 compatible version of the package.
tools for using a Web Server Gateway Interface stack - Python 3.x
Python Paste brings consistency to Python web development and web application installation, providing tools for both developers and system administrators. . Paste for Administrators: * Easily install, run, and configure multiple Paste-enabled web applications at once, and integrate them into your website how you want (SCGI, FCGI, AJP, WSGI) * Manage and install web applications system-wide for easy maintenance . Paste for Web Developers: * Increase your web application's audience * Provide starter templates and custom commands for using your web framework * Keep your development and deployment straightened out, and your automated testing streamlined * Attention payed to the full development cycle -- starting projects, converting old projects, updating and deploying projects -- using a set of complementary packages and tools . This is the Python3 version of the package.
AWT peer runtime libraries for use with gcj
Sorry - no description available.
Vector tiles integration with mapnik - development files
This package provides C++ header and source needed to render geodata into vector tiles, and vector tiles into images. . Tiles are encoded as protobuf messages, and that geodata format can be used as a drop-in replacement for mapnik datasources like postgis and shapefiles, without compromising on speed. . Mapnik is a C++/Python toolkit for developing GIS applications.
parser/generator of iCalendar files for use with Python2
The icalendar package is a parser/generator of iCalendar files for use with Python. . This package contains only Python2 bindings, no userland scripts.