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makes it easier to use PySCSS in Django - Python 2.7
Django-pyscss is a collection of tools for making it easier to use pyScss within Django. It overwrites the import system to use Django's staticfiles app. This way you can import SCSS files from any app (or any file that's findable by the STATICFILES_FINDERS) with no hassle. It provides a django-compressor precompile filter class so that you can easily use pyScss with django-compressor without having to bust out to the shell. This has the added benefit of removing the need to configure pyScss through its command-line arguments AND makes it possible for the exceptions and warnings that pyScss emits to bubble up to your process so that you can actually know what's going on. . This package contains the Python 2.7 module.
X C Binding, present extension
Sorry - no description available.
lightweight C websockets library
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Isometric RPG influenced by Paradroid
Freedroid RPG is an RPG with isometric graphics. In it, the player is Tux, who must fight rebelling robots in order to restore peace to humankind. To do so,Tux may take over robots in a minigame based off the classic game Paradroid, or may simply blast them to pieces with a weapon. . Note that this is not the same game as Freedroid, also available in Debian.
old-school earthworm action game
lierolibre is an old-school earthworm action game. It is a direct fork of Liero (OpenLiero). . Features: * 2 worms, 40 weapons, great playability, two game modes: Kill'em All and Game of Tag, plus AI-players without true intelligence! * Dat nostalgia * Extensions via a hidden F1 menu + Replays + Game controller support + Powerlevel palettes * Ability to write game variables to plain text files * Ability to load game variables from both EXE and plain text files * New freely licensed audio * Scripts to extract and repack graphics, sounds and levels
gnome-mplayer library (debugging symbols)
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