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GTK+ interface for the Transmission BitTorrent daemon
transmission-remote-gtk is a GTK+ interface for controlling the Transmission BitTorrent daemon. It is a full featured client, providing the ability to upload, queue, and delete torrent files, monitor downloads, and adjust speed limits.
TeX Live: Games typesetting
Setups for typesetting various games, including chess. . This package includes the following CTAN packages: . bartel-chess-fonts -- A set of fonts supporting chess diagrams . chess -- Fonts for typesetting chess boards . chess-problem-diagrams -- A package for typesetting chess problem diagrams . chessboard -- Print chess boards . chessfss -- A package to handle chess fonts . crossword -- Typeset crossword puzzles . crosswrd -- Macros for typesetting crossword puzzles . egameps -- LaTeX package for typesetting extensive games . gamebook -- Typeset gamebooks and other interactive novels . go -- Fonts and macros for typesetting go games . hanoi -- Tower of Hanoi in TeX . havannah -- Diagrams of board positions in the games of Havannah and Hex . hexgame -- Provide an environment to draw a hexgame-board . horoscop -- Generate astrological charts in LaTeX . labyrinth -- Draw labyrinths and solution paths . logicpuzzle -- Typeset (grid-based) logic puzzles . othello -- Modification of a Go package to create othello boards . othelloboard -- Typeset Othello (Reversi) diagrams of any size, with annotations . pas-crosswords -- Creating crossword grids, using TikZ . psgo -- Typeset go diagrams with PSTricks . reverxii -- Playing Reversi in TeX . rubik -- Document Rubik cube configurations and rotation sequences . schwalbe-chess -- Typeset the German chess magazine "Die Schwalbe" . sgame -- LaTeX style for typesetting strategic games . skak -- Fonts and macros for typesetting chess games . skaknew -- The skak chess fonts redone in Adobe Type 1 . sudoku -- Create sudoku grids . sudokubundle -- A set of sudoku-related packages . xq -- Support for writing about xiangqi . xskak -- An extension to the skak package for chess typesetting
Spanish modules for WIMS
Sorry - no description available.
Perl module which allows language content negotiation
This is the CPAN Perl module Lingua::Preferred. . Many web browsers let you specify which languages you understand. Then they negotiate with the web server to get documents in the best language possible. This is something similar in Perl.
Ubuntu Suru Icon theme
Sorry - no description available.
list all packages on various Linux distributions
This is a simple module that uses Linux::Distribution to guess the linux distribution and then uses the correct commands to list all the packages on the system and then output them in one of three formats: native, csv, and xml. . Distributions currently working: debian, ubuntu, fedora, redhat, suse, gentoo, slackware, redflag. . The module inherits from Linux::Distribution, so can also use its calls.