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simple yet powerful and flexible static website and blog generator


Nikola is a static site and blog generator. Feed information to it on one side and get a ready-to-deploy website on the other.

Nikola goodies on generating static pages are, between others, that:
 * Static websites are safer, no database nor dynamic code interpreter needed
 * They use fewer resources
 * You avoid vendor and platform lockin.

Between some of Nikola's features you may find:
   * Blog generator, including tags, feeds, archives, comments, etc.
   * Theme support
   * Fast building process, thanks to doit
   * Easy Image Gallery, just drop files in a folder!
   * reStructuredText or Markdown as Input languages
   * Flexible design
   * Small codebase.
   * Syntax highlighting for almost any programming language or markup
   * Multi-language sites
   * Small, since based on leverages existing tools
   * Between others

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1486 other people were interested in this package here. The newest known version of this software is 7.6.4-1 (Information last updated about 21 hours ago.)